Free Irish shipping on all  orders over €50
Free Irish shipping on all  orders over €50
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Every Diamond is unique – the Four C’s identify the grade and the characteristics that
define a diamond’s quality.


One of the first things we notice about a diamond, apart from its size, is the sparkle. The light play inside the diamond is what makes it so alluring.


Essential to the value of a diamond is the colour. The least amount of colour makes the whitest diamond. The whiter the Diamond, the more valuable the gem. 


The clarity grade of a diamond refers to the internal inclusions or external markings of the gem. The placement, size and number of inclusions and markings through-out the gem directly relate to price and therefore value.


A Diamond’s weight is meaured in carats. 1 carat is equal to 100 points. A diamond’s value is not determined by Carat alone. Cut, Colour and Clarity are equally

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Great jewellers always buy there. Great friendly and helpful staff. Great prices.

Thank you so much for the diamond solitaire earrings my parents bought for my 50th. They cannot speak highly enough of the amazing service!

Great service this afternoon from Rory Quinn , purchased a beautiful ring for my wife, needed resizing , all done in one afternoon. Thank you for excellent service.

I love this shop, every time I visit Belmullet I stop here, such lovely owners, no pushy sales, I always end up buying something as the jewellery is so lovely

Fabulous range of beautiful jewellery and staff are extremely friendly and helpful.

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